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  • spiked frozen hot chocolate

    Spiked Frozen Hot Chocolate

    Tequila, orange, and rich dark chocolate take frozen hot chocolate to the next level of deliciousness. Grab the tequ... more

  • Baked Pancakes

    Baked Pancakes

    these are the perfect brunch food.they only take about 35 minutes and that includes bake time! served best with coff... more

  • Man smiling with pretzel toffee twirl bar

    Chuao Values: Fair Trade

    joy is our mission. and we believe that joy should start at the source. we partnered with fair trade usa to ensure o... more

  • April fool's bonbons

    The Brussel Bonbon

    introducing our newest product: the brussel bonbon! enrobed in milk chocolate and full of b.s. more

  • women production workers


    in honor of women's history month, we are proudly introducing to you the wonderful women behind chuao. more

  • chocolate dipped bunnies

    Chocolate Bunnies

    if there's a dessert (other than chocolate) that we could eat all day, it's rice krispie treats. right?! we couldn't... more