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  • spicy maya s'mores mousse

    S'mores Mousse

    This fluffy mousse layered on top of crunchy graham cracker crust and then topped with toasted marshmallows is just ... more

  • 7 ways to share joy at home

    7 ways to share joy at home

    Summer break? Stuck at home with the kiddos? Want to share joy with someone else who is at home? Here are some fun i... more

  • Honeycomb Chocolate Crumble

    Honeycomb Crumble

    Sweet honeycomb chocolate in a graham cracker crumble crust topped with toasted marshmallows, what could be better?!... more

  • s'mores chocolate chip cookies

    S'more Cookies

    talk about oh my s'mores! these cookies are divine. take the joy you feel when eating s'mores and multiply that by t... more

  • health benefits of chocolate

    health benefits of chocolate

    Chocolate does more than soothe a breaking heart or uplift a tired soul. It also provides a wide array of benefits t... more

  • Drinking Chocolate Recipes

    Drinking Chocolate Recipes

    follow these instructions to make our drinking chocolate! this works for both deluxious dark and spicy maya. if you'... more