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Chocolate Trends in 2022

Chocolate Trends in 2022

guest post by frank hamilton

These days, you can find chocolate bars in nearly any flavor you want - there are no limits to your imagination. The variety of chocolate products now available in store is numerous, but not all of those products are created equal. in this blog, we would like to get you acquainted with the premium chocolate segment and its peculiarities on the market.

Premium chocolate is chocolate of the highest quality and richest flavors, which is commonly available in small batches. The prices of premium chocolate bars can be considerably different from common chocolates we see in the supermarkets because of the quality of ingredients used.

Rated by Students found that companies producing premium chocolate invest a lot to responsibly source ingredients and need efficient marketing strategies to showcase the real value of high grade chocolate to consumers.

By reading this post, you are going to learn what trends are expected to be seen in the offerings of premium chocolate manufacturers like us.

Naturally made chocolate

Due to the pandemic, more and more people are interested in self care and try to keep a healthy way of living. This is also related to the food they cook and the products they buy. The modern consumer tends to choose natural, clean products. This tendency also relates to chocolate production. To be in-demand among customers, each chocolate bar should consist of clean cocoa and natural inclusions ingredients like fruit and nuts. As an example, you can check the composition of Chuao chocolate bars - they contain only cocoa and fair trade ingredients.

Taste experiments are awaiting

Common dark or milk chocolate bars are not a surprise for customers anymore. People expect to try new tastes of chocolate bars and candies that are unknown but exciting for them. At Chuao, we continuously monitor the preferences of our regular and potential consumers, offering them unique flavor combinations like chocolate and popping candy or chocolate and potato chips.

Shaping the chocolate

Along with the natural ingredients and flavors, the forms and molds of chocolate products also matter to the consumer. Instead of simple, flat chocolate bars, it is important to think of what other shapes could attract your regular and potential consumers more. At Chuao Chocolatier, we offer chocolate bars of different sizes – a mini and larger size that suit people of different ages and preferences. we also offer a wide variety of flavors so everyone can find their favorite bar.

Chocolate Mini Boxes

gift boxes featuring mini chocolate bars are a great way to give customers the option to try many flavors, leading to a higher retention rate. For example, Chuao offers gift boxes in a variety of sizes like our Share the Love or More Joy Mini Bar gift sets. Along with trying a variety of chocolate flavors, mini boxes are also a great way to divide your chocolate tasting into smaller portions or celebrate an occasion.

To sum up

consumers of the premium chocolate market are expecting the manufacturer to expand and develop their production and variety of products. Despite the market being quite narrow, the competition remains on a high level as each company tries to excite and surprise their customers with new and fresh chocolate products. In addition, it is vital to remember that market trends are evolving. And if you want to stay in the game, you need to consider all of them in your chocolate manufacturing. That is what helps us stand out from our competitors.

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