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  • Ooh Ahh Almond

    Healthy & Happy Chocolate

    Chocolate has been considered a guilty pleasure in the media for years, when in fact, it is a food that can be consu... more

  • Pizooki


    a giant cookie topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce? where do we sign up?! this recipe is quick, easy, and super... more

  • firecracker cake

    Firecracker Cake + DIY

    s'mores. cake. firecracker chocolate. does it get any more festive for summer? no way! this cake truly has it all! m... more

  • Chocolate Churro Pudding

    Chocolate Churro Pudding

    chocolate pudding is such a classic dessert. we thought we'd spice it up by making it with our cheeky cheeky churro ... more

  • chocolate bbq sauce

    chocolate bbq sauce

    this chocolate barbecue sauce is perfect for your summer cookout! a little spicy, a little sweet, and very savory! more

  • s'mores hot chocolate dip

    s'mores hot chocolate dip

    we all love classic s'mores with toasty marshmallows and melty chocolate. who doesn't?! but this summer we are looki... more