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  • 3 easy recipes

    3 easy recipes

    have you heard that chocolate can reboot the brain to active work? also, chocolate is able to cheer you up, seriously... more

  • Why Chocolate Says Love

    Why Chocolate Says Love

    there's lots of reasons to give chocolate to those you love. read our post about why chocolate says love, in case you... more

  • Chocolate Carrot Cupcakes

    Chocolate Carrot Cupcakes

    we thought carrot cake was delicious, can't be beat... but we went ahead and beat it anyway - by adding chocolate, o... more

  • Valentine's DIY

    DIY Valentine's Gifts

    we love a good DIY project, especially one that involves chocolate! we've rounded up our favorite projects that are ... more

  • Star Crunch Cookies

    "Star Crunch" Cookies

    these chewy, crunchy, chocolate-y cookies will hit the spot. oh and did we mention that it's only 5 ingredients and ... more

  • spicy maya stout chocolate cake

    Spicy Maya Stout Cake

    when thorn beer came out with their spicy maya dry irish stout, we felt inspired to create a decadent cake featuring... more