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Strawberry Trifle

Strawberry Trifle

we love strawberry season! those sweet fruits are such a perfect complement to chocolate. bonus, this dessert also includes mini chocolate chip cookies, cool whip, and our honeycomb chocolate bar. they make a perfect dessert for a small party or anniversary and cutting the strawberries into little hearts is a cute added touch!


(this is for 4 small cups)

  • 20 mini chocolate chip cookies
  • cool whip
  • 8 strawberries, 6 cut into small pieces and 2 cut into heart shapes
  • 1 honeycomb chocolate bar, chopped


  1. break the mini chocolate chip cookies and add evenly to bottom of each cup. (about 4 cookies per cup) 
  2. top the cookies with cool whip. 
  3. add cut up strawberries evenly to each cup. 
  4. add chopped honeycomb pieces to each cup. 
  5. add more cool whip .
  6. top each with a mini cookie and some chocolate crumbs or shavings. 
  7. cut the top of the strawberries into a "v" shape then cut the strawberries in half to make the heart shape. put a small cut in the bottom to attach to the size of the cup. 
  8. cool in fridge until ready to eat and then serve and enjoy! 
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