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  • campfire cones recipe

    chuao's campfire cones

    if you know us here at chuao, you know how passionate we are about s’mores. This national waffle day, we’re switching... more

  • cooking with kids in the kitchen

    cooking with kids

    Kids can learn so many things from learning how to cook and bake. Hands-on activities boost their confidence, teach t... more

  • history of s'mores

    history of s'mores

    This National S’mores Day, we’re reflecting back on the history of s’mores and giving thanks to the creator of our fa... more

  • chocolate wheel

    chocolate conching 101

    The conching process helps chocolatiers develop distinct flavor profiles through experimenting with variables like co... more

  • sweet and salty cosmic brownies recipe

    sweet & salty cosmic brownies

    we used boxed brownie mix to make things easy, but our ganache topping elevates the flavor for an out-of-this-world r... more

  • Chocolate Tempering

    the science of chocolate tempering

    Tempering chocolate is the process of carefully heating and cooling chocolate to achieve its most optimal chemical st... more