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  • Chocolate Sugar Cookies

    Chocolate Sugar Cookies

    sugar cookies are a holiday classic so why not make them chocolate?! this recipe doubles down on the chocolate-y-nes... more

  • PB Blossom Cookies

    PB Blossom Cookies

    we know holiday baking is a thing, but we're here to make fall baking a thing too. these peanut butter blossom (or t... more

  • Strawberry Trifle

    Strawberry Trifle

    these make a perfect dessert for a small party or anniversary and cutting the strawberries into little hearts is a c... more

  • Stout Brownies

    Stout Brownies

    since we love creating recipes, you know we had to create one with our latest thorn brewing collab beer. and what be... more

  • Ice Cream Bars

    Ice Cream Bars

    these simple and delicious bars are perfect for a quick summer treat! plus, they can be easily customized to fit you... more

  • firecracker cake

    Firecracker Cake + DIY

    s'mores. cake. firecracker chocolate. does it get any more festive for summer? no way! this cake truly has it all! m... more