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The Chocoholic's Guide to Coffee and Tea Pairings

The Chocoholic's Guide to Coffee and Tea Pairings

The Chocoholic's Guide to Coffee and Tea Pairings

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At Chuao Chocolatier, we believe that the art of chocolate pairing should be a delightful experience for everyone, regardless of their drink preferences. When talking about chocolate pairings, we often hear about how chocolate interacts with wine or cordials and cocktails. 

But, with the growing popularity of Dry January and growing number of folks trying the sober-curious lifestyle, we wanted to turn our attention to something equally delightful but often overlooked: the comfort of warm drinks. 

This guide focuses on the cozy embrace of coffee and tea, showing how these warm beverages can elevate the chocolate experience — especially during the colder months. Imagine a cold winter's evening when you're snuggled up with a coffee or tea, and a box of Chuao minis before you. 

Feel the warmth that fills your hands, the steam that brushes your face, and the rich flavors of melty chocolate joining forces with tannic teas, herbal tisanes, or bold espresso drinks. We invite you to join us in this exploration of soul-warming pairings, perfect for mindful moments.  

The Magic of Pairing Chocolate with Coffee

Coffee and chocolate – a match made in heaven. But not just any coffee, and certainly not just any chocolate. Let's explore the art of pairing the robust world of coffee with the exquisite flavors of Chuao Chocolatier’s chocolates. Remember, it's all about creating balance. Here are some of our favorite coffee pairing ideas:

  • Espresso & Dark Chocolate: Start your journey with a shot of rich espresso and a piece of intense dark chocolate like our cinnamon-y Cheeky Cheeky Churro. The bold acidity of the espresso complements the depth of the dark chocolate and warm spices beautifully. For a deliciously drinkable experience, you're welcome to use espresso (instead of water) as the base for mixing up a mug of Chuao's drinking chocolate, adding another layer of complexity and deliciousness to a European-style treat.
  • Creamy Espresso Drinks & Milk Chocolate: For a milder pairing, try a latte or cappuccino with one of Chuao's smooth milk chocolate bars, like the Oh My S’mores. The softer, subtler flavors of milk chocolate and toasty flavor of graham crackers harmonize beautifully with the inherent sweetness of dairy-lightened espresso.
  • Dessert-y Delight: Looking to satisfy a serious sweet tooth? Try pairing a sweetened coffee drink with complementary flavors. For example, a caramel macchiato would meld beautifully with anything nutty or salty sweet (like our Pretzel Toffee Twirl), whereas a dreamy white mocha is the perfect pair for caramelized white chocolate (like our Golden Goodness or Carrot Cake bars).

Tea Time: Chocolate Pairings for Tea Lovers

Tea offers a spectrum of flavors that can be artfully paired with chocolate. Let’s steep ourselves in some delightful combinations, like these dynamic duos:

  • Green Tea & Citrus-Infused Chocolate: The fresh, grassy notes of green tea blend beautifully with a citrus-infused chocolate, like our Totally Tangy Mango. For an even more refreshing experience, serve your green tea on ice.
  • Black Tea & Rich Dark Chocolate: A strong, malty black tea like Earl Grey goes perfectly with a piece of honey-infused dark chocolate, like our Honeycomb bar. The light floral notes of the honey add the perfect amount of sweetness, while the fruity undertones of our exquisite dark chocolate blend pull out the bergamot undertones of the tea.
  • Herbal Tea & Chocolate: Since herbal teas can run the full gamut of flavors from warmly spiced to tart and tangy, you have tons of pairings to choose from. We suggest getting our Gourmet Chocolate Tower so you have plenty of options.

Tasting Techniques

To truly appreciate these tea and chocolate pairings (or chocolate and coffee pairings), engage all your senses:

  • Sight: Observe the chocolate's appearance — its shine, color, and texture. Even the packaging can help prime your senses for what to expect.
  • Smell: Inhale the chocolate's aroma before tasting it. Similarly, take a deep whiff of your drink of choice before sipping. How does the smell affect the taste?
  • Sound: Hear the crisp snap of chocolate, the sound of tea being poured into your mug, or the quiet hum of latte bubbles slowly popping.
  • Texture & Taste: Let the chocolate melt in your mouth, noticing its texture. Then, take a sip of your coffee or tea, exploring how the flavors play together.
  • Start Anew: Cleanse your palate between different pairings to fully enjoy each unique combination.

What are you waiting for? Get tasting!

The world of chocolate, coffee, and tea is vast and full of surprises. But, don't just read about these delectable pairings – experience them! Shop here online or come visit us at the Joy Factory to select from our exquisite range of chocolates. Experiment with different combinations and discover your personal favorites. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here – it's all about what delights you.

After you’re done, we'd love to hear about your pairing adventures! Share your favorite combinations and experiences on social media using #ChuaoPairings. Did a particular blend of tea bring out an unexpected flavor in the chocolate? Maybe a certain coffee variety created a memorable taste sensation? Your explorations can inspire fellow connoisseurs to embark on their own flavorful journeys. Let's spread the joy of these heavenly combinations to chocolate, coffee, and tea lovers everywhere!

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