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Luscious organic honey, caramelized into crisp bits and enrobed in dark chocolate

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be(e) charmed.

crunchy bits of golden, caramelized honey embrace deep dark chocolate, like secret lovers meeting on a warm summer night. sweet and decadent, the honeycomb bar will charm you… one nibble at a time.

“I adore honey and chocolate together; it’s such a comforting combination to me. So, I sought to make something crunchy with honey that would compliment the silky chocolate and appeal to kids of all ages.” — Chef Michael

nutrition facts

nutrition facts: servings: 2, serving size: 40g (1.4oz), amount per serving:
calories 210, total fat 13g (16% dv), saturated fat 8g (39% dv), trans fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg (0% dv), sodium 55mg (2% dv), total carb. 23g (8% dv), fiber 5g (17% dv), total sugars 18g, includes 18g added sugars (36% dv), protein 2g, vitamin d 0mcg (0% dv), calcium 20mg (2% dv), iron 3mg (15% dv), potassium 150mg (4% dv).

premium 60% dark chocolate (cacao*, cane sugar*, cacao butter*, sunflower lecithin [as an emulsifier], natural vanilla), honeycomb (organic cane sugar*, corn syrup, organic tropical honey, water, baking soda).

contains: honey
manufactured in a facility that uses milk, soy, tree nuts, and wheat on shared equipment.

*95% fair trade certified™ by fair trade usa.

store in a cool, dry place.

Honeycomb chocolate bar



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Hands down my favorite chocolate bar ever

I love this chocolate bar. I can only buy it in my area at Michael's craft store, and I have and will drive out of my way to go there only for this chocolate bar. I am not a big fan of sweets, so this is saying something for me. The dark chocolate is perfectly rich and not too sweet, and the pop of the little lumps of sugar or "honeycomb" inside make it an enjoyable textural experience for me in addition to its awesome flavor. Highly recommend.


No honeycomb inside! Basically it's a chocolate bar with a few morsels of yellow sugar clumps! Nothing at all like the photo what you would expect a crunchy wafer like candy with a bit of chocolate covering it… Not at all, it's a chocolate bar (small)

Makes you work for it

I spent almost 3 minutes trying to get this bar open. The three slits that are cut around the back seam make it nearly impossible. Wrapping says use scissors.... I shouldn't need them to open a chocolate bar... i want to be able to pull from the front & back seam sooo that it opens nicely and i can ensure a secure re closure. Now it's got a tear across the entire front.

Now I'm frustrated and don't even want to eat it. It was supposed to relax me- not make me irritated

Quite amazing!

Impressively amazing, but a bit too expensive to be sold in much volume. I'm a huge quality buff and buy the most expensive everything pretty much ($1500 German made Festool chops saw and about $5K in other power tools when I'm not even in construction, $200 pickleball paddle when I don't even play pickleball, etc.)... but, when you EAT the quality, it's a lot harder to justify the price tag w/ something like this!

This was an experience trying this and I thought it was pretty much perfect in both texture and taste (and likely my favorite chocolate), and I have a huge sweet tooth, BUT... I think the company would be smart to try to get their pricing around $3.99 / each if their margins allow... volume would likely cause their profits to explode! I have considered buying these again (possibly as gifts or as a splurge), but if sold around $3.99 or $4.50 a bar then I'd likely buy them often... to date I have not re-ordered... I'm more likely to buy a $750 knife or a $5,000 guitar since those don't end up as an empty wrapper in the end.

I'm impressed, so I wish I could justify supporting the company more, but doesn't work for a fleeting taste.


I got two of these chocolate bars on Christmas Day it was so good I ate the whole bar. I don't even miss the milk chocolate.