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creating famous works of art from chocolate

art made with chocolate

guest post by isabella lovett

every year, more than half of people visit a museum or gallery to view historical artifacts and works of art, and some of the most famous works of art are visited by millions of people. last year, over 10 million people visited the mona lisa. if you love art but can’t take the trip to the louvre, how about recreating some famous paintings out of chocolate?

chocolate is a really versatile ingredient that can be used like paint in a variety of different ways and comes in far more shades than brown. you can also use natural food colorings in white chocolate to create many different colors and tones. and once your painting is complete, you can admire it, photograph it, and best of all, eat it!

le chat noir

le chat noir painting created by théophile steinlen in 1886 was actually an advertising poster made for le chat noir (the black cat), the first modern cabaret. the entertainment venue, located in the montmartre district of paris, was only open for six years, but the painting has endured. to recreate the famous cat, you should of course use dark chocolate - our spicy maya bar is a perfect choice. before you commit to your chocolate painting, practice sketching a cat face and outline so you can get an accurate shape. don’t forget to include the striking whiskers and eyebrows. you can use a melted golden goodness bar for the background and the cat’s vivid eyes.

the scream

the scream, painted by edvard munch in 1893, is one of the most iconic pieces of artwork in the world. it is an impressionist painting done in mixed media that depicts an agonized face. the swirly backdrop lends itself very well to being recreated out of chocolate because you can be very free when applying melted chocolate with a brush on your canvas. for the red and yellow sky, our carrot cake chocolate bar is the perfect choice. adding in some berries will help to make the distinctive red color, and will also taste delicious. when painting the face of the screaming man, just think about how life would be with no chocolate, and you will get the expression perfectly.

van gogh’s sunflowers

vincent van gogh actually painted two sunflower paintings - one showing the sunflowers lying on the ground and the other depicting them in a vase. you can see the sunflowers in a vase at the van gogh museum in amsterdam. the natural oranges and browns of the painting means that it lends itself very well to being created out of chocolate. we recommend using a melted honeycomb bar for the flower petals, applied to your canvas in big splodges. our golden goodness bar can also add some beautiful cream and yellow tones.

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