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  • Man smiling with pretzel toffee twirl bar

    Chuao Values: Fair Trade

    joy is our mission. and we believe that joy should start at the source. we partnered with fair trade usa to ensure o... more

  • April fool's bonbons

    The Brussel Bonbon

    introducing our newest product: the brussel bonbon! enrobed in milk chocolate and full of b.s. more

  • women production workers


    in honor of women's history month, we are proudly introducing to you the wonderful women behind chuao. more

  • 2020 year in review

    2020 year in review

    from celebrating the sofi award given by the specialty food association to the buzz about giving our chocolate for va... more

  • Easter DIY projects

    Easter DIY projects

    easter is the perfect time of year to bust out those craft supplies and of course, delicious chocolate, and get goin... more

  • Why Chocolate Says Love

    Why Chocolate Says Love

    there's lots of reasons to give chocolate to those you love. read our post about why chocolate says love, in case you... more