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Why Chocolate Says Love

Why Chocolate Says Love

guest post by felix mcgrath

Why Chocolate Says Love

Did you know that, as of December 2020, the global retail sales of chocolate are at USD 98 billion?

According to, 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased during the week of Valentine’s Day. But apparently, chocolates are popular throughout the year.

How did these sweet treats become deeply entrenched with the idea of love? Before shopping for a 12-flavor chocolate gift box, let’s find out how chocolates developed an intimate reputation.

There’s Science Behind It

David Taylor, a nutrition consultant at Monkeyfoodz, reminds his clients that chocolate is not bad at all. “Studies show that chocolates are filled with nutrients that improve cognitive function, promote heart health, and delay skin aging. It’s only important to consume it in moderation.”

However, the most exciting effect about these delights is probably their aphrodisiac effect.

If you think the connection between chocolate and romance is relatively new, read on.

In ancient days, the Aztec emperor, Montezuma, ate cocoa beans to fuel his “romantic adventures.” It could be because cacao contains chemicals that fuel our “romantic energy.”

We All Just Want To be Kings and Queens

Let’s admit it: all of us want to feel like royalty sometimes—even just through a box of Firecracker Truffles. A pack of premium-quality chocolates can exceed other fancy gift options because these confections are tied with nobility.

According to historical records, fermented cocoa drinks already existed in 1900 BCE! The Aztec believed that a sweet-tasking blend was a gift from the serpent-bird god, Quetzalcoatl.

Legend has it that Quetzalcoatl dropped cacao beans from the sky as gifts for humanity. Because of this, only the aristocrats were allowed to consume the cacao. The early voyagers discovered a mysterious drink made of these beans and brought it to Europe. And in 1615, Anne of Spain presented her new husband, Louis XIII, with an exotic drink from the New World. Isn’t that an interesting story to share with your friend, family, or romantic partner over gourmet chocolate bars with almonds?

When you give a carefully-picked box of chocolates, you are re-affirming the recipient’s special place in your life.

Love Is Nothing but Sweet

Many things describe love, and while some of them aren’t precisely Hollywood rom-com material, they’re still nearly sweet. And what’s the best way to represent that sweetness but chocolates? High-end chocolates are made of premium-quality ingredients. They have intense flavors and luscious texture—creating a pleasurable experience that the recipient can associate with you.

Chocolates are also safe gift options for all kinds of relationships and occasions. You can give them to family, friends, workmates, and acquaintances. Let’s say you’ve just met someone and his/her birthday is fast approaching. You already have a connection, but you believe it’s too early for intimate gifts. A box of chocolates can send the right message for you.

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