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Chocolate & Wine Pairing

Chocolate & Wine Pairing

is there a better match than chocolate and wine? probably not. you could make a case for cheese and crackers or peanut butter and jelly. but at the end of the day (literally) what do you want - wine and chocolate! 

we've decided to make this easy for you by providing you with recommendations from our very own chef michael. 


pairs well with milk chocolate.
notes of caramels, nuts, and fruits are best.
- reisling
- chardonnay


pairs well with dark chocolate.
look for notes of raspberries, blackberries, and cherries. anything fruit-forward works well with our chocolates.
- malbec
- zinfandel
- pinot noir


pairs well with milk chocolate.
look for fruit-forward tasting notes. you can also add a teaspoon of chamborg to any of these & make yourself a kir royale!
- brut
- sparkling wine
- champagne (pairs well with our potato chip bar!)

*these are our recommendations — feel free to grab your favorite beverage to pair with our chocolate! because really, when it comes down to it, any wine goes well with chocolate!

looking for specific brands? print out our template and take it with you to the store! 
wine recommendations template

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