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s'mores remix

berry s'mores

wanna level up your s'mores game? not only will our chocolate take you to a whole new level of amazing but these ideas are sure to bring that extra flair to your campfire favorite.


here are some of our tried and true favorites! these are simple additions that make a big difference. 

drooling over the pic above? that's our berry delicious s'more. we took our sweet & salty bar, a toasted marshmallow, and fresh raspberries and blueberries then smashed that between two honey grahams! so simple, yet so yummy! 

cotton candy s'mores sprinkle dreams mini bar, toasted marshmallows, cotton candy, and graham crackers!  cotton candy s'mores 

caramel delight s'mores pretzel toffee twirl, toasted marshmallow, shortbread cookies, and a drizzle of caramel! caramel delight

cookie s'mores sweet & salty, chocolate chip cookies, and toasted marshmallows. cookie s'mores

donut you want s'mores? honeycomb (or baconluxious!), glazed donuts, and toasted marshmallows. donut s'mores

want more?

some other fun things you could add to your s'mores: apples and cinnamon, lemon curd, jam, rice krispie treats, pound cake and strawberries, any kind of cookie in place of grahams, ice cream!, try using our bonbons and truffles in place of traditional chocolate, and nut butters. the possibilities are endless! 



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