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8 Housewarming Gifts

Chuao Housewarming Gifts

guest post by kristin herman

8 Great Housewarming Gifts For New Homeowners

At Chuao Chocolatier, our chocolate products strive to impress all chocolate lovers. So, why not spread the love to people who have just moved into your neighborhood? Whether you’re welcoming a new couple to the neighborhood, or want to surprise a new family with our chocolates, our products can actually be paired with any other gift idea. In fact, here are 8 thoughtful gift combinations that you can do with our products, and impress the new homeowners at their housewarming!

  1. McBride Sisters Brut Rose

In the mood for wine and Chuao chocolate? Then try the McBride Sisters Brut Rose with our mini chocolate bars.

“This refreshing rosé is produced by the McBride Sisters in the USA,” says Elizabeth Butlin, a lifestyle writer at Paper fellows and State of writing. “One of the largest wine businesses in the country, this wine has been known by fans and connoisseurs to go perfectly well with the finest chocolates.”

  1. Tan France x Etsy x Drizzle Honey Gift Set

Make no mistake! Chocolate and honey go well together!

Tan France – fashion guru and star of Queer Eye – teams up with Etsy in a housewarming collaboration that includes a must-have honey gift set. The gift set includes honeys like Cacao Luxe Raw Honey and Cinnamon Spiced Raw, along with an authentic bamboo dipper.

And the best part? When pairing this yummy honey with our chocolates, you’ll be amazed at this delicious culinary combo! Or try our honeycomb bar, the perfect combo of both!

  1. Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe for Every Sign – Catherine Urban

This amazing book by Catherine Urban strives to give you the best recipes based on your horoscope. From Aries to Capricorn, these recipes will blow you away, and make your own sign stand out through amazing foods! You know we love using our chocolate in recipes!

Who knows? You can be using our Chuao chocolates to add a little more flavor and chocolateli-ness to some of the recipes in this fabulous book from Urban! (Our favorite is Taurus, when red wine and hot chocolate are popular!) 

  1. Nutribullet Pro Blender

Want our chocolates in your smoothies? No problem!

We recommend the Nutribullet Pro Blender to make amazing smoothies. This tried-and-tested blender allows people to blend their foods and go; and, it even comes with a to-go lid to avoid messy transfers. So, go ahead! Add a piece of chocolate or two (we recommend triple nut temptation) to your regular smoothie!

  1. Society 6 Serving Tray

We love a fabulous Society 6 serving tray that allows you to display our chocolates in the most amazing way possible! Made out of eco-friendly bamboo, and painted in exquisite watercolor paint, this tray is pretty enough to sit on a coffee table… and display our chocolates on for guests.

  1. Cheese Board with Knives

Why leave the cheese board to cheese, when you can have our chocolates on there instead?

A DIY cheese board is another great housewarming idea for new homeowners. Made out of bamboo, this cheese board can transform into a stacked wheel with extra storage for serving tools like an all-purpose cheese knife, a flat cheese knife, and a cheese fork. This functionality and simplicity is great for displaying our chocolates for guests.

  1. Chit Chat Markers

We love chit chat markers on food! So, using these markers on our chocolates is especially ideal!

“Chit Chat Markers are a budget-friendly and thoughtful way for food lovers to decorate their food, especially when hosting parties,” says Chloe Beak, a blogger at Oxessays and Essayroo. “With dry-erase simplicity, the pack comes with 12 markers, allowing you to create quick and quirky labels for each item on your charcuterie board.”

So, when you get a chance, display some of these markers on our chocolates, and be sure to send funny photos of your creations on out social media!

  1. Muffin Pan

Baking with our chocolates? Then a muffin pan is your friend!

No one can underestimate the versatility of a muffin tin, which has been a significant staple in dessert-making – ideal for homeowners who love to bake! Even if you’re not sure what your new neighbors like, you can still please them with a muffin pan, along with our chocolatey products for them to use and bake with!


So, there you have it! We, at Chuao Chocolatier hoped you enjoyed our list of housewarming gift ideas that you can pair with our chocolatey products! These gift ideas are perfect for any housewarming party or moving celebration, since they bring a small token of congrats to new homeowners, and even has our seal of approval! So, why not give them the gift of chocolate today?

Kristin Herman writes and edits at and College paper writing. She is also a contributing writer for Type my essay. As a marketing writer, she blogs about the latest trends in online advertising and social media influencing.

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