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Oh My S'mores!

crushed honey graham cracker goodness, fluffy marshmallows, and creamy milk chocolate take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane. the crackling of the campfire. the sweet smell of toasty marshmallows in the air. just one scrumptious bite and… oh my!

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have s'more joy.

crushed honey graham goodness, fluffy marshmallows and creamy milk chocolate take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane with oh my s'mores. the crackling of the campfire. the children’s ooey gooey grins. the sweet smell of toasty marshmallows in the air. just one scrumptious bite and… oh my!

“The highlight of every camp fire in my life has always been those scrumptious S’mores, usually after dinner when everyone’s relaxing. Whether it’s debating the perfect marshmallow toasting method to the sticky fingers and giggles of the children, everyone is full of joy when we’re making S’mores. So, I became slightly obsessed with recreating that experience in a delicious chocolate bar that you can enjoy anywhere. All you miss is the smoky hair.”
— Chef Michael

nutrition facts

nutrition facts: servings: 2, serving size: 40g (1.4oz), amount per serving:
calories 190, total fat 10g (13% dv), saturated fat 6g (32% dv), trans fat 0g, cholesterol 5mg (2% dv), sodium 115mg (5% dv), total carb. 25g (9% dv), fiber 1g (4% dv), total sugars 19g, includes 18g added sugars (35% dv), protein 2g, vitamin d 1mcg (4% dv), calcium 50mg (4% dv), iron 0.9mg (6% dv), potassium 90mg (2% dv).

Premium 41% milk chocolate (cane sugar*, cacao butter*, milk, cacao*, sunflower and soy lecithin [as an emulsifier], natural vanilla*), vegan non-GMO marshmallows (tapioca syrup, cane sugar, tapioca starch and/or potato starch, water, carrageenan, soy protein, natural vanilla flavor), honey graham crackers (wheat flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, molasses, honey, salt, baking soda), honey, sea salt.

contains: milk, soy, wheat
manufactured in a facility that uses milk, soy, tree nuts, and wheat on shared equipment.

*49% fair trade certified™ by fair trade usa.

store in a cool, dry place.

Oh My S'mores! Chocolate Bar

Oh My S'mores!


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
my favorite chocolate ever as a s'mores lover <3

I literally think about this chocolate bar all the time. constantly craving it. a little pricier than other chocolate but it is fair trade and sooooo delicious, so worth it!! kind of wish it had more marshmallows but the graham crackery chocolate is so good on its own that I don't care :-)


I have tried so many expensive chocolate bars but this is by far the best. Can't stress how picky I am but yes this is my very favorite chocolate bar. If you love milk chocolate, sweet and salty and smores -- Probably just buy the 10 pack.

One of the best things I have ever put in my mout

Literally have no tasted anything better than this s’mores chocolate bar. I eat one every single day and go buy them all out at Michael’s. They are pricey and I spend all of my money on them but they are so worth that price. I will never stop supporting this company. I could cry thinking about eating one they are just so amazing.

Knock off Nestle Crunch

For the $6.39 I paid, I'm extremely disappointed. Not only is it over priced, it's really not even that good. Is like a knock of a Nestle Crunch bar with LESS graham crackers and the marshmallows were basically all bunched in the middle so you don't get a marshmallow in every bite, not that the marshmallow has any flavor. Chocolate wasn't anything spectacular either. May have been crafted with love, but it wasn't crafted with flavor. Next time I'll save $5 and get a Nestle Crunch bar.


The chocolate itself was so delicious, the crunch inside almost tasted like a crunch bar but better. Each bite came with tiny marshmallows on the back side, would of been even better if they were actually toasted. Only downfall is it's on the pricey side