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Fair Trade Certified

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All of our chocolate bars are Fair Trade Certified™!

You may have been seeing a green logo on your chocolate bars recently - we’re proud to officially announce that all our chocolate bars are Fair Trade Certified™! We know you might have some questions about what this means, so read below to learn all about Fair Trade chocolate.


What does Fair Trade Certified mean?

That means that the cacao we source supports safe, healthy working conditions for cacao farmers, helps protect the environment, and empowers communities to build strong thriving businesses. The best part is that when you purchase our Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate, you send additional income directly back to cacao-farming communities to invest in projects like education and healthcare. It’s an easy way to do the most good every time you enjoy your favorite chocolate.


What chocolate were you using before?

We have always used ethically sourced chocolate. Being Fair Trade Certified simply means that we go through specific channels to ensure we purchase chocolate that supports dedicated efforts to increase the working conditions and quality of life for the farmers we source our chocolate from.


Who is Fair Trade USA?

Fair Trade USA, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is the leading certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. You can learn more about Fair Trade USA here. When you buy Fair Trade Certified chocolate, you not only support a wonderful mission, but you help spread joy to communities that need it.

Ready to try the Fair Trade difference? Enjoy any of our delicious gourmet chocolate bar creations and you’ll experience it first-hand!

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