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  • Chocolate Churro Cinnamon Rolls

    cheeky churro cinnamon rolls

    these cinnamon rolls really take breakfast to the next level. it has us asking why haven't we made these sooner? lo... more

  • Chocolate Lava Cake

    Spicy Maya Lava Cake

    there’s nothing more indulgent than a chocolate cake with a molten hot, ooey-gooey center. our spicy maya lava cake ... more

  • Chef Michael Antonorsi

    About Chef Michael

    Learn more about our owner and co-founder, Chef Michael Antonorsi and how he decided to start Chuao Chocolatier. Afte... more

  • Bonbons and Truffles

    Bonbon vs. Truffle

    Simply put, the difference between bonbons and truffles is that bonbons are molded chocolates with a non-chocolate ce... more

  • Chocolate Mint Brownies

    Chocolate Mint Brownies

    If you’re looking for the best homemade brownie recipe, look no further! These fudgy brownies are thick, rich, and "m... more

  • Sprinkle Dreams Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    Sprinkle Dreams Ice Cream

    Sprinkle Dreams was inspired by the last bite of a chocolate dipped ice cream cone – ice cream soaked buttery waffle ... more