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Chuao Values: Fair Trade

Man smiling with pretzel toffee twirl bar

joy is our mission. and we believe that joy should start at the source. we partnered with fair trade usa to ensure our chocolate is responsibly sourced. fair trade farms provide fair working conditions, compensation, education, healthcare, and a community that is supported. all our milk and dark chocolate products are fair trade certified so you can enjoy our chocolate knowing it is helping to support our farmers! 

on one of their many visits, fair trade brought some of our chocolate bars along to share with the farmers. they had never seen the finished product of their hard work before and, as you can tell from his smile, they were happy as could be with our bars! 

another large component of fair trade practices pertains to supporting the environment by limiting the use of weed-killers and insecticides, protecting the soil health, and managing water/waste responsibly. we care about the future of our world, from the ground (literally) up! 

find out more about fair trade HERE.

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