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7 ways to share joy at home

7 ways to share joy at home

Summer break? Stuck at home with the kiddos? Want to share joy with someone else who is at home? These days we are looking for more and more ways to share joy at home and with others who may be unable to travel. At Chuao, we are all about sharing joy, so here are some ways chocolate can help do that!

Make s’mores at home!

Toast some marshmallows on the stove. Bust out the graham crackers and some of our mini bars. A small variety box, like More Joy is a perfect way to have fun with your s’mores from home.
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Virtual wine and chocolate night!

Our dark chocolate bonbons and bars are great to pair with your favorite wine. Why not jump on a google hang out and enjoy some social time with your gals from the comfort of your couch? Make sure everyone is stocked by sending them some chocolate in advance! You'll be the favorite for sure, as if you weren't already ;).
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Send the gift of chocolate to someone you love.

If it were us, we know that we would love to get a sweet gift of chocolate to enjoy at home. We may stock up on the "necessities" but shouldn't chocolate be included in that?! 
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Bake something new!

We offer lots of fun recipes on our blog and trying something new is always a fun way to spice up the day. Try taking your new baked goods to a neighbor to share the joy!
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Treat yourself to a spa night!

Fill up that bubble bath, pour some wine, and indulge in your favorite chocolate bar.
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Chocolate scavenger hunt!

Send those kids on an epic scavenger hunt around the house with the ultimate prize — chocolate! You can also throw in some other fun things like crayons and a coloring book, which will keep them further occupied!
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Secret stash!

Need a secret stash to get you through your day? Hide some mini bars, or heck, your favorite fulls size bars, in the freezer in a lean cuisine box and rest easy knowing they are safe. Then dig in when you need to!
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