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  • Chocolate Churro Cinnamon Rolls

    cheeky churro cinnamon rolls

    these cinnamon rolls really take breakfast to the next level. it has us asking why haven't we made these sooner? lo... more

  • Chocolate Lava Cake

    Spicy Maya Lava Cake

    there’s nothing more indulgent than a chocolate cake with a molten hot, ooey-gooey center. our spicy maya lava cake ... more

  • Chocolate Mint Brownies

    Chocolate Mint Brownies

    If you’re looking for the best homemade brownie recipe, look no further! These fudgy brownies are thick, rich, and "m... more

  • Sprinkle Dreams Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    Sprinkle Dreams Ice Cream

    Sprinkle Dreams was inspired by the last bite of a chocolate dipped ice cream cone – ice cream soaked buttery waffle ... more

  • Chocolate Chunk Cookies

    Chocolate Chunk Cookies

    We get it. You’ve tried every chocolate chip cookie recipe there is on Pinterest and still have yet to find the perfe... more

  • Sprinkle Dreams Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats

    Sprinkle Dreams Rice Crispy Treats

    You know when you have that perfect rice crispy treat and then you think about it for months afterward? Is it just us... more