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Easter Gift Guide for 2024

An array of mini chocolate bars on a plate with orange tulips and colored eggs

Sweeten Your Springtime Celebration with Chuao Chocolatier!

guest post by ashley schuering -

Spring is in the air, so it's time to hatch a plan for some unique Easter gifts and get all your chocolate eggs in a basket. All of us here at Chuao Chocolatier have been dyeing to introduce our ear-isitible collection of Easter chocolates — perfect for showing your loved ones that some bunny has been thinking about them. Get ready for a celebration filled with joy, color, and, most importantly, plenty of chocolate Easter candy. 


As we like to say, if it’s not a “wow” it’s not a Chuao. Here are some of our favorite fun and fanciful ways to shake up your Easter traditions and impress all your peeps:

Easter Morning Surprise

Start the day off on an un-egg-spectedly delicious foot with a giant platter of bunny-shaped pancakes, fresh fruit, and sparkling mimosas. Don’t forget to add an egg-stra element of yummy surprise with one of our gourmet egg-shaped truffles tucked inside a plastic Easter egg. Chocolate for breakfast? Yes, please!

An Easter Egg-spedition

Making your Easter baskets chocolate-themed is a no brainer, especially with sweet treats like Sprinkle Dreams and Carrot Cake minis. But, rather than setting out every-bunny’s Easter baskets on the table, why not make a little game out of it? 


Send the kiddos on an Easter-themed scavenger hunt to find their prizes. Write out clues (from the Easter bunny, of course) and place them in spots around the house. Here are some to get you started:


  • Pet Bed: "In the spot where your furry friend lays, a clue awaits in their cozy gaze!"
  • Sunny Spot: "Look where the sun kisses the floor, behind its light, you'll find more."
  • Book Nook: "Between the tales of far and near, another clue awaits you, my dear."
  • Kitchen: "In the place where snacks hide away, your next hint patiently stays."
  • Garden: "Near blooms and leaves, your clue does wait, low to the ground, by the garden gate."
  • Bedroom: "Where you lay your head at night, beneath your pillow, out of sight."
  • Rain Gear: "It’s hard to hop when skies are gray, find your clue where dry things stay." 
  • Final Treasure: "You've hopped and searched, oh what a race! Now find your basket in the play space."

The Ultimate Egg Hunt

Is it even Easter without an egg hunt? Not in our book! To make yours egg-straordinary, make sure yours has plenty of Easter chocolate from Chuao. Our mini bars are perfect for hiding in plastic eggs! Here are some other fun ideas to try:


  • Give the littles a fighting chance: If you have very young children in the mix, we recommend setting aside a small area just for them to egg-splore. Make sure there are plenty of eggs within reach! 
  • For older kiddos, make the hunt a little harder. Get creative with your hiding spots — like up in their favorite climbing tree or on the fence!
    • Color-coded hunt: Alternatively, assign each participant a color and hide eggs in that color for them to find. This ensures everyone gets a fair share.
    • Golden ticket surprise: Hide a 'golden ticket' inside one of the eggs for a special prize, like our Hopping Popping Chocolate Easter Bunny or a full-sized chocolate bar.

    Posh Carrot Patch Centerpiece

    After all the day’s egg-citing activities, gather everyone around the table for a delicious Easter dinner. To keep the fun going, turn your table into a floral and egg-clectic showstopper! 


    Use crafting moss or artificial grass and small vases of spring flowers as your base. Make white chocolate-covered strawberry “carrots” to intersperse, and add DIY bunny boxes and mini chocolate-filled eggs to complete the scene. Decorations that double as dessert? Chick you out, smarty pants!


    Alright, yolks, it's time to hop on over to our Easter collection. Don't wait — order your treats by March 24th to make sure your chocolate treats are as fresh as spring flowers. After all, nothing says 'Hoppy Easter' like a bouquet of delicious, handcrafted chocolate that everybunny will love. So, don’t beat around the bush—order today and let Chuao help to make this Easter egg-stra special!

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