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Nutritional Information for Chocolate Bars and Mini Chocolate Bars


Silky dark chocolate sizzles with a dash of chipotle and a sprinkling of sea salt until… SURPRISE! Popping candy explodes and starts a party in your mouth. The Firecracker mini chocolate bar. Welcome to the wild side of chocolate.

Firecracker Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information


Crunchy bits of golden, caramelized honey embrace deep dark chocolate, like secret lovers meeting on a warm summer night. Sweet and decadent, the Honeycomb mini chocolate bar will charm you… one nibble at a time.

Honeycomb Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information


Crispy bacon goodness, a splash of sweet maple syrup and a bit of bonfire smoked sea salt. The Baconluxious mini chocolate bar proves once and for all, that absolutely everything is better with bacon.

Baconluxious Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information


Rich dark chocolate grooves with zesty bits of candied orange and soulful orange bergamot. Orange- A-Go-Go is a classic tune remixed with a fun new beat, sure to make the top of your playlist.

Orange A-Go-Go Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Pop Corn Pop

A nod to our favorite movie theater treat, we’ve mixed puffed whole grains, toasted corn chips, popping candy and a sprinkle of sea salt in creamy milk chocolate. Take a bite, close your eyes, and experience “popcorn” popping in your mouth! Surround sound not included.

Pop Corn Pop Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Potato Chip

Creamy milk chocolate, a sprinkle of sea salt and that irresistible potato chip crunch. The Potato Chip mini chocolate bar combines two of the most crave-able creations on the planet for total taste bud domination.

Potato Chip Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Salted Chocolate Crunch

Deep chocolate notes, crispy breadcrumbs and a kiss of sea salt. In other words, all the things you crave in one sweet, salty, scrumptious bite. Salted Chocolate Crunch is totally OMG-worthy.

Salted Chocolate Crunch Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Spicy Maya

A warm cinnamon embrace, velvety chocolate, and an infusion of cayenne and pasilla chile with just enough heat to melt your heart. The Spicy Maya mini chocolate bar is the perfect mix of sweet and seductive.

Spicy Maya Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Sweet & Salty

A sprinkle of sea salt, swirled into creamy milk chocolate. The Sweet & Salty mini chocolate bar... because sometimes simple is best.

Sweet & Salty Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Strawberry Waffle Wild

We get weak in the knees just thinking of the stacks and stacks of crispy, buttery waffles massaged with a touch of juicy, tart strawberries and showered in creamy milk chocolate. If loving this is wrong, we don't want to be right. Let's go Strawberry Waffle Wild.

Strawberry Waffle Wild Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Cinnamon Cereal Smooch

From Saturday morning cartoons to midnight snacks, we've always had a "thing" for cereal. And, since the only thing better than cereal is cereal and chocolate, we've kissed our decadent milk chocolate with sweet nibbles of crushed, all natural cinnamon toast cereal. So, don't be shy; lean in for your Cinnamon Cereal Smooch.

Cinnamon Cereal Smooch Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Pretzel Toffee Twirl Bar

We thought getting swept off your feet & spun around only happened in the movies until we tasted Pretzel Toffee Twirl. Crunchy pretzels, buttery toffee and rich dark chocolate- so darn good, you just might dance with a stranger.

Pretzel Toffee Twirl Bar Nutrition Information

Oh My S'mores! Bar

Crushed honey graham goodness, fluffy mini marshmallows and creamy milk chocolate take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane with Oh My S’mores. The crackling of the campfire. The children's ooey gooey grins. The sweet smell of toasty marshmallows in the air. Just one scrumptious bite and oh my!

Oh My S'mores! Bar Nutrition Information

Ravishing Rocky Road Bar

Fluffy marshmallows cozy up to the crunch of salted caramelized almonds in silky milk chocolate. One part classic and two parts sexy, Ravishing Rocky Road is simply irresistible.

Ravishing Rocky Road Bar Nutrition Information

Triple Nut Temptation Bar

Luscious dark chocolate is studded with crunchy whole roasted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. Triple Nut Temptation is pure bliss for those enlightened beings who are nuts about nuts.

Triple Nut Temptation Bar Nutrition Information

Ooh Ahh Almond Bar

"Live in the moment." "Stop and smell the roses." "Be present." Ooh Ahh Almond is the reason these sayings exist. Salted, caramelized almonds tickle our fancy in silky, rich dark chocolate. Treat yourself to a mouthwatering "me" moment.

Ooh Ahh Almond Bar Nutrition Information

Caramel Apple Crush

Tangy green apple flirts with buttery caramel in milk chocolate.

Caramel Apple Crush Nutrition Information

Cheeky Cheeky Churro

Crunchy, sweet cinnamon & sugar churro swirled in dark chocolate.

Cheeky Cheeky Churro Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

Totally Tangy Mango

Sweet mango sprinkled with tart lime, sea salt and a pinch of chile in rich dark chocolate.

Totally Tangy Mango Bar and Mini Bar Nutrition Information

The Enamored Collection

Blueberry Lavender

Juicy blueberries lightly infused with luxurious lavender in organic, Fair Trade Certified 72% dark chocolate.

Blueberry Lavender Nutrition Information

Coconut Hibiscus

Creamy coconut and a hint of sweet hibiscus in organic, Fair Trade Certified 72% dark chocolate.

Coconut Hibiscus Nutrition Information

Raspberry Rose

Radiant raspberries sugared with rose petals in organic, Fair Trade Certified 72% dark chocolate.

Raspberry Rose Nutrition Information