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Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

Chef's Best Ice Cream Sundae Toppings

You'll melt over this dreamy ice cream sundae bar. Think beyond hot fudge and scoop up the best ice cream sundae toppings: our gourmet milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars.

Start with your favorite sundae ice cream and then add the tasty treats below. Or go bananas and create your own recipe with any of our award-winning chocolate bars.

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Green Tea Ice Cream Sundae
Meditate on this: matcha ice cream mixed with crunchy Honeycomb chocolate bar crumbles and a sprinkle of soft mochi candy.
Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae
An old fave with a new twist- Ravishing Rocky Road chocolate bar chunks stirred into gooey chocolate ice cream with some whipped on top.
Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae
Spoon this Latin lover: vanilla ice cream swirled with Cheeky Cheeky Churro chocolate bar bits and drizzles of dulce de leche.
Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sundae
For dairy-free deliciousness that’s totally Instagram-worthy, shower your favorite coconut milk ice cream with Enamored Raspberry Rose chocolate bar shavings and organic blueberries.
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