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Gourmet S'mores Recipe

You Deserve Gourmet S’mores

As a kid, making s’mores was one of the best camping activities ever. Give yourself the same joyful experience as an adult, taken to the next level. These gourmet s’mores recipes are mouthwatering, oh-my-joy worthy, and delightfully sinful! Fire up the campfire and get ready to get your s’mores on.

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Bonjour Honey S’mores
Toasty crunchy French bread rises to the occasion in these sweet, sticky s’mores! Say bonjour to every bite of towering French bread, melty gourmet dark chocolate, gooey toasted marshmallow and luscious honey. When it comes to these s’mores, we’ll always say “oui oui!”
Donutluxious S’mores
Because we donut know what we would do without bacon and chocolate! And let’s be real - these s’mores are that next level of delicious. Salty crispy bacon, sweet gourmet milk chocolate and a maple glazed donut - what more could you need? It’s a s’mores and donut indulgence that’s tastier than we could have ever imagined.
Brunch Gone Wild S’mores
Soft, crunchy waffles by themselves are worth getting out of bed for. Add in sweet, tart strawberries, sticky toasted marshmallows and rich gourmet milk chocolate and we’re diving off the deep end of joy! Grab your coffee, grab your mimosas, and grab your besties because brunch, and s'mores, have gone wild. PRO TIP: Fold your waffle in half to make s'mores tacos!
Fall-ing for Gluten-Free S’mores
Even when it’s hot outside, we crave the flavors of Fall: the spicy snap of ginger; soft, perfectly chewy cookies; sweet yet tart apples and rich, buttery caramel; the warm, melted gourmet milk chocolate. What can we say? We couldn’t wait to dive in to a little Fall flair, and these gluten-free s’mores encompass our feelings while still perfectly capturing summertime sweetness.