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Costco Chocolate Snacks

Snack Joyfully

Bark Luxe: it’s Chuao Chocolatier’s brand new gourmet chocolate bark, and it’s ONLY available at select Costco’s. What is it? A whole new snacking chocolate experience.Indulge in thick nuggets of sweet, gourmet milk chocolate studded with layers of crispy, salty, kettle cooked potato chips - broken into the perfect snack sized pieces. Some may say it’s too good to be true. We say if it brings you joy, then eat it.

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How’s It Different?
Bark Luxe is different from anything we’ve made before. And unlike some other bark brands out there, ours is thick, gourmet milk chocolate, layered with kettle cooked chips! Snacks at Costco have never looked so delicious.
Gourmet Chocolate at Costco
Bark Luxe is SO exclusive, you can’t even find it on our website. The only place to indulge in this gourmet snack experience is at your local Costco - be one of the first people ever to taste it!