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let’s get creative with
beer & chocolate!

There is no right or wrong way to pairing. As you explore, you will find some pairings better than others. Every experience will bring new and unexpected flavors out of both the beer and the chocolate. At Chuao we call this “creative wow!” Whatever you discover, we hope it brings you wild joy.

Consider some of these tips when pairing your beer with chocolate


Chocolate and Beer Pairing
Beer Selection


Try a stout, sour belgian ale, porter, or anything else that suits your fancy. Lagers, malts, IPAs, or blondes… so many styles! Pair your favorite with a variety of Chuao bars.

Baconluxious Chocolate Bar

baconluxious chocolate bar

Bring out the maple notes in this bar with a complex beer.

easy drinking:
porter, brown

oatmeal stout

mix it up

Serve your guests small portions of both the chocolate and beer. Encourage everyone to look for their favorite combination and share notes.

Potato Chip Chocolate Bar

potato chip chocolate bar

Pair this salty and sweet combo with something equally as crisp.

easy drinking:
pilsner, wheat

sour, IPA

Firecracker Chocolate Bar

firecracker chocolate bar

The spices in this bar are sure to tickle your palate.

easy drinking:
saison, belgian

smoked amber

Chuao Firecracker and Potato Chip Chocolate Bar Beer Pairing