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  • About Chuao Chocolatier

    Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW) is the first Venezuelan Chocolatier based in the United States and Southern California’s premier artisan chocolatier. Co-founded in 2002 by Master Chef Michael Antonorsi and his... (Read More)

  • Chuao Chocolatier - Chef Michael

    Chef Michael Antonorsi’s love affair with chocolate began long before he created Chuao Chocolatier. His ancestors owned Aguasanta, a small Venezuelan farm known for its fine cacao, and so a... (Read More)

  • Crafted With Joy

    Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW)Our intent is to share joy with the world through deliciously engaging chocolate experiences. Each decadent chocolate, crafted with our proprietary blend of ethically sourced cacao, offers a... (Read More)

  • Careers

    Join Team Chuao Working at a chocolate factory doesn’t have to be a lofty dream. At Chuao Chocolatier, we are always looking for passionate, committed people to join our growing... (Read More)

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