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Valentine’s Love Tip NO. 4: It’s the Little Things

If it were up to us, Valentine’s Day would be every day. But since that will never happen, we thought we would share some little gestures you can do every day to bring on the romance.

1.Call or e-mail for no reason. Pick up the phone for an afternoon chat or send a funny email that would be sure to brighten their day.

2. Leave a note. What would be better than waking up and finding a sweet note on the bathroom mirror before you leave for work, or finding a love note in your lunch from your sweetie?

3. Give a compliment. Showing that they’re noticed, admired and appreciated is a small gesture that gives your better half an instant lift.

4. If you feel it, say it. Those three little words make all the difference. Remind them of how much they are loved.

5. Give a gift (just because). Hint: A little chocolate never hurt anybody.


What are the little things your significant other does that make you swoon?

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