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Senior Superlatives: The Chocolate Edition

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Hey Class of 2015! Celebrate the sweetest way, with one of our stand out chocolate bars.

Dark and mysterious—chocolate that is—mixed with exciting popping candy and a dash of heat make this bar the ultimate flirt.

Sweet & Salty shows us that classic can still reign supreme. Subtle sea salt crystals perfectly compliment the sweetness of Chuao’s delectable milk chocolate, pleasing even the pickiest of palates.

Whole roasted pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts swirled in luscious dark chocolate give this bar the hunkiest body of all.

Honeycomb’s luscious bits of caramelized honey within smooth dark chocolate perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth, every time.

Ravishing Rocky Road combines fluffy marshmallows alongside salted caramelized almonds in mouthwatering milk chocolate, all wrapped up in a shiny magenta package.

Not many bars can boast that they combine the savory and the sweet, but Baconluxious Chocolate combines our favorite food, BACON, with creamy milk chocolate for a flavor combination so scrumptious, even we are pleasantly surprised.

A touch of spicy cayenne pepper, pasilla chile and cinnamon seduce your mouth in just one bite, leaving everyone wanting more of this dark chocolate bar.

These two milk chocolate bars are tied for most tardies. When you taste as good as these breakfast bars, who needs to leave bed?

This bar cannot help but stand out. While puffed whole grains and toasted corn chips in Chuao’s velvety milk chocolate would be delicious enough, this bar satisfies all of your senses with the unexpected addition of popping candy.

Potato Chip makes for the perfect politician as it combines two popular groups, crisp kettle cooked potato chips and smooth milk chocolate, to make one powerful match up.

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