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Save our Earth it's the only Planet with Chocolate

Calling all citizens of planet earth, this is your yearly reminder to get out there and do what you can to protect our chocolate planet. You can go plant a tree, organize a beach clean-up, or get crafty by up-cycling your trash into treasures. Or you can start your quest to save the enviroment with chocolate.

Our chocolate was created with the intention to be enjoyed just as nature intended. “With Chuao Chocolatier, you can feel confident with each bite you are enjoying an unequaled chocolate experience while also helping to revitalize one of the world’s finest growing cacao regions. We are passionate about honoring our ancestors, our family roots, and preserving the rich heritage and superior flavor of Venezuelan Cacao.” – Michael Antonorsi, master chocolatier and co-founder of Chuao Chocolatier.

On the day that on which events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection, show your support with our Origins bar, made exclusively with 77% Cacao de Chuao from Venezuela's sustainable cacao farms and a bit of sugar. No soy lecithin. No vanilla. A truly unparalleled chocolate experience.

What are you going to do this year to protect our environment?