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Out & About: San Diego Half Marathon

Jane, our fabulous Chocolate Concierge, rose with the sun and got all decked out in Chuao gear last Sunday to join more than 6,500 runners in the San Diego Half Marathon. The goal? To raise money for the many charitable causes the race supports in San Diego, including the Make A Wish Foundation. Oh, and to make it to the finish line, where they were treated to delectable chocolate, courtesy of you-know-who.

13.1 miles is no small feat, so we can only imagine that the motivating thought in every runner’s mind was “must. get. to. chocolate.” Okay, maybe not every runner’s mind, but who wouldn’t want to treat themselves to one, two, or maybe ten ChocoPods? After all, they are only 50-60 calories each and everyone deserves a treat after a hard day’s work.

We’ll run for chocolate. Tell us… what motivates you?