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Girl Crush: Jennifer Garner

Photo by: WireImage

We have a confession – we’re obsessed with Jennifer Garner. And since today is her birthday, we want to share the Jen Love on the interwebs.

So, let us count the ways we love Hollywood’s favorite girl next door:

1. Alias.

The obsession begins. Alias was one of the few series where we would freak out if we missed an episode. For 5 glorious seasons, Sydney Bristow kept us on the edge of our seat as she fought rival agents, terrorists, and traitors all the while keeping her butt-kicking lifestyle a secret from her friends. Jennifer Garner played the lead role brilliantly, making us gals want to be bad-ass secret agents. Thanks to Netflix, you can binge watch here with a Firecracker bar.

2. 13 going on 30.

Introducing Jennifer’s silly side. The idea was sweet and simple; a 13 year old girl wished to be 30, flirty and thriving- and miraculously that wish became a reality overnight. Hilarious antics a la “Big” ensue. Jennifer Garner carries the whole film with her charming and endearing lead performance. Make it a chick flick and Pop Corn Pop bar kinda night.

3. She is a hot mama.

If being a mother to three very active children isn’t hard enough, Jennifer does it all, simultaneously juggling the ups and downs of A-list stardom. Her favorite role to date: being a mother. Acting goes on the back-burner to play the role of super-mom to her three beautiful children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, who were recently treated to our Hopping Popping Bunny bars.

4. The Hubby.

 Photo by: David Livingston/Getty

Ben Affleck: actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter, philanthropist, and political activist, just to name a few, is married to the beautiful and equally talented Jennifer Garner. Together, they are one of Hollywood’s elite power couples and have a loving marriage that we all envy. We’d give that hottie a Maple Bacon bar any day!

5. She’s a fashionista.

Photo Credit: Max Mara

Known for her elegant and timeless style, this beauty was enlisted by Max Mara again; this time beauty for . Jennifer introduces the chic and sophisticated Jbag this season. And what better accessory to fill it with then our ChocoPod mini-bars at just 50-60 calories each?

6. She loves chocolate.

Anyone that confesses to have a cabinet full of chocolate is a woman after our own heart. And she recently got her hot little hands on our Ultimate Chocolate Bar sets! Yum!


Join us in saying “Happy Birthday!” to Jennifer and fill your cabinet full of chocolate in her honor!


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