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EYE CANDY: Sean Lowe


What could be sweeter than starting off the week with a 3 hour episode featuring swoon-worthy Sean Lowe? That’s right, ladies. The Bachelor Season Finale (aka Sean’s Abs The Movie) is on tonight and there just might be enough eye candy to hold us over for a month!

But I digress... the finale will not be about Sean’s abs, but about the two lovely ladies that are vying for the final rose. 9 weeks of cocktail parties, over the top dates and stolen kisses and it all has come down to Catherine, a Graphic Designer from Seattle and Lindsay, a Substitute Teacher from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
We find Catherine’s nerdy side as endearing as Sean does, but we love Lindsay the prankster for showing up on night one in a wedding gown. But when it comes down to it, anyone who survived Tierra and her “sparkle” deserves to win the abs... errr... Sean.

The champagne is being chilled and the (chocolate) roses have been ordered. So tell us, are you on Team Catherine or Team Lindsay?

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