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Beer + Chocolate = Happiness

Happy National Beer Day! (We're a couple days early, but we couldn't contain ourselves!)

We like our beer… and sometimes, we like our beer paired with more beer. But most of the time we like our beer paired with chocolate.

At Chuao, we are always on a mission to arouse your senses. So, we’ve made it easy and done the pairing for you with our Craft Beer Bonbon Collection and our Couch Potato Bar Set.

When it comes to pairing, you can leave the thinking to us... or be adventurous and try your own flavor combinations. Here is our guide to find the perfect pairing.


Pairing 101:

Dark Beers
Example: Porters, Stouts
Flavor Profile: Caramelized barley, toasted malt, deep earthy tones.
Pair with: Chocolate with caramels or nuts

Fruity, Spicy Beers
Example: Belgian Style
Flavor Profile: Roasted barley, nutty. Underlying fruit tones & cocoa notes will appear when paired with chocolate.
Pair with: Chocolate with fruits or spices

Malty Golden Beers
Example: Wheat Beers, White Ales
Flavor Profile: Hoppy. Bitter citrus tones when paired with certain chocolates.
Pair with: Chocolate with malt or nuts

Ok, now let’s get to the good stuff!

Tasting your beer and chocolate:

1. Pour your beer into a glass and bring your nose to the brim of the glass to breathe in the aroma.

2. Break the chocolate and put into a bowl. Give it a shake and admire the aroma.

3. Take a sip (not a gulp) of the beer. What do you taste?

4. Here’s the hard part: Take just a bite of the chocolate. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth and coat your tongue. What flavors do you experience?

5. With the chocolate still coating your tongue, take another sip of beer. How do the flavors change when combined?

6. Try different combinations and see what you like best!


Some pairings will enhance the flavors of either the beer or the chocolate, while some will bring out unexpected, unusual and delicious flavors. We love pairing our chocolate with the amazing craft beer from our friends (and fellow San Diegans) at Stone Brewing Co.

So, give it a whirl and tell us: what are your favorite beer and chocolate pairings?