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Chuao’s 15th Birthday Deals

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In sprinkles (and 3 day weekends) we trust When the wedding vibes just won't quit 💐 whether you're getting married or not planning out those fine details is a great way to waste time! No seriously, ask the 3 girls in our office who either got married or are getting married this year 🙃
We're curious though; would you use mini chocolate bars as a wedding favor? We love the idea but this isn't exactly about us, sooooo could you help us out a bit? It'd be much appreciated 🙇‍♀️ Is getting hypnotized 💫 by sprinkles 🎉 a thing? Asking for a friend 😋
We're pretty much obsessed with this pic by @colorscollective 😍 Like literally, we've been staring at it all day. If you wanna stare at Sprinkle Dreams all day too, get yours now through link in bio 👆 As long as sprinkles are involved🍦 we'll all float on alright 🕶 Cheers to all the mama's 🥂
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