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Sultry Sea Salt Bonbon Collection, 9 pc.

Sultry Sea Salt Bonbon Collection, 9 pc.


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Sultry Sea Salt Bonbon Collection, 9 pc.

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As a wise pop star once sang, "opposites attract." A little of sweet, plus a little bit of savory equals a whole lot of pleasure. We can't explain why sweet and salty treats make us swoon; they just do. Mmmmm.

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Firecracker Truffle: Chipotle caramel fudge, sea salt and popping candy in dark chocolate.
Baconluxious Caramel: Maple caramel with crunchy bacon and bonfire smoked sea salt in milk chocolate.
Rosemary Salt Caramel: Salt butter caramel infused with fresh rosemary in milk chocolate. 
Salt Butter Caramel: Soft caramel with a bit of sea salt in milk chocolate. 
Salted Chocolate Crunch: Toasted panko breadcrumbs, dark chocolate olive oil ganache and a sprinkle of sea salt. 
Smoky Macadamia: Macadamia nut praline spiced with smoky chipotle in dark chocolate. 


Store in a cool, dry place. Enjoy our confections within a week to ensure freshness. 

Handcrafted with ethically sourced cacao, gluten free ingredients and free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors and hydrogenated fats. All flavors made with gluten free ingredients, except for Salted Chocolate Crunch, which contains gluten. Manufactured in a facility that uses milk, soy, tree nuts and wheat on shared equipment.

Flavor assortments are subject to availability and may change at the discretion of Chuao Chocolatier.