We are all about family at Chuao. And we all wouldn’t be where we are today without our Mothers.So this goes out to the wonderful mothers of Chuao Chocolatier and to all the mother’s everywhere. We love you!



“My mother for me is not a person, a thought or a function. A mother is like a feeling; a feeling for warm acceptance, unconditional love and shelter.”
-Michael Antonorsi, Master Chocolatier

“She’s an angel.”
-Sebastian, Brand Manager

“Her love has never failed me; she is the constant in my life.”
-Chandra, Retail Director

“She is, honestly, the strongest woman that I know. I admire her.”
-Abigail, Inside Sales & Office Support

“She taught me, by example, that love is a verb.”
-Brooke, Communications Director

"She is my inspiration in life."
-Mariana, Donations & Events

"She is amazing and I could only hope to be at least half as amazing as she is with my own children."
-Erin, Production Manager

"My mother has the biggest heart. And I am the woman I am because of her."
-Jane, Chocolate Concierge


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